Monday, February 27, 2012

Crashing in Paradise.....

Crashing Palm
No –  not just letting go, putting one's feet up, letting the worries of the world roll off of one's shoulders – crashing – like two cars meeting each other head on!  All of the years we've been coming to Maui and it never seems to fail that we come upon a car or bike accident that just makes us tremble over the injury of whomever the passenger/driver(s) may have been.

It was no different yesterday while on our way to church.  We were detoured away by a patrolman from the main highway onto tiny side streets.  As we inched along and determined a slightly different set of side streets we backtracked ready to make an alternate turn when we realized the highway was being cleared of cones and we could continue on.  As we did so,  we saw the skidmarks and the two vehicles - both relatively new, not appearing to be rental cars, but likely local citizens' cars - a BMW with windshield shattered, front end crumpled and a small, two seater sports model of some kind where obviously the occupant had been cut out of the vehicle by EMS responders.  The whole side of the car smashed in and a door missing.  

We both immediately prayed out loud for the victims - praying they were still alive and not in such peril as to lose their lives...........we were not positive that might be the case.  

We purchased a Maui News paper this a.m. and the accident was outlined as lone, young, women drivers in each vehicle, one having crossed the yellow line and smashed headon into the other.  It all happened at about 1:00 a.m. as we all lay sleeping.

There's no warning in this post, there's no second guessing from us - although, yes, we speculate about what might have happened - a drink too many, or a too late night nod off, or perhaps a cell phone was involved.  All of this is to say that our prayers have not stopped since we realized the danger, the harm, the devastation that has probably changed many lives - including lives not necessarily in the vehicles......the families, the friends, the patrol people, the EMS rescuers, the hospital staff and on.  We pray for them all and want to believe that our tiny voices may somehow be felt by those injured.

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