Friday, March 09, 2012

Eating Dessert First

Plumeria tree beginning to bloom
Following if you will posts at MindSieve....... the last few weeks have been from the sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy island of Maui.  Planning our trips here in the months of January or February, we are accustomed and entertained by the sight of enormous humpback whales and their calves enjoying Maui's warm ocean water.  We also always enjoy the beautiful garden and roadside foliage abundantly displayed  in greenery as well as blossoms.

When we arrived, my spouse remarked on the plumeria trees - fragrant with beautiful creamy white, yellow, and pink blossoms everywhere on seemingly lifeless or dying branches.......yet not so, as we've had the pleasure of observing, as if for the first time - the blossoms come first and THEN the leaves begin to appear.  Strange to our mainland eyes as the reverse is often the rule for our foliage, the leaves coming first and then the blossoms......making me think of "eating dessert first".  What a wonderful Mother Nature idea!

What?!  You've never thought of blossoms first?  Well then maybe you've never eaten dessert first...a grand idea, don't you think?!

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