Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Obsolesence of a Child's Toy

Quite a number of years ago.....possibly when our grandchildren were toddlers, there was a new toy/gimmick introduced into the world of toys and games.  It was, for better want of a word, a sort of "live" object that had to be "cared" for on a very regular basis.  Designed for the child to carry it in a lunch box or pocket, it could easily be accessed at any time of day or night.  The accessing meant that each time you "loved" the thing, its life was expanded and continued.  The obvious dread downside of the "thing" was that if you didn't check it enough, love it enough, pay close enough attention to it, the "thing" would - oh my gosh - DIE!  

Personally I thought the concept was ridiculous, potentially disappointing, maybe even devastating to the child who absentmindedly meant to care for the "toy" and found that sometime during the day or night it had died - the child had neglectfully let it perish.  Again, oh my goodness - what a ridiculous idea - checking it constantly, carrying it everywhere with you, rejuvenating it (possibly via a battery charger?) peeking at it all of the time to ensure its place and importance in your life?  RIDICULOUS!  No wonder the toy never really caught on - 

Whoops!  Oh excuse me, my IPhone is ringing and not only do I need to answer it, I need to charge it - the battery is almost down...........don't you hate it when that happens??????

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