Sunday, July 29, 2012

Waxing Away

In the midst of beautiful, busy summer days, a couple of weeks ago I shared an adventure with friends in Portland and Salem - shopping scrap shops, art supply stores, art galleries and small museums, along with attending an informative and inspirational workshop entitled EncaustiCamp.  EncaustiCamp is the baby of an amazing encaustic artist, Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch and is in its second year of existence.  (For the workshops, Trish brings together other artists/instructors/extraordinarily talented women as instructors in wax prep, application, inspiration*).  

Many of you may never have heard of encaustic art before - painting, imaging in molten to hardened beeswax, it has now become THE love of my studio life! 

For some time now, I'd been looking to this medium to punch up my collage work.  Just missing the deadline for last year's Encausticamp, I've been dabbling in the wax on my own for about a year now.  Since this year's workshop, no more dabbling, I've been able to wax eloquently (couldn't resist) in my studio for more hours than I've seen there for months! 

All of this is to say that if you're here now reading this post or seeing it on Facebook and have been unable or uninterested in visting lately, I invite you to click on over and take a look at the new work!  Hope you like it as much as I do.....

With warmest, waxy, wegards.....

*by visiting the Encausticamp link, you'll have an opportunity to visit the instructors' bios and their personal website links.

P.S. No bees are harmed in this process - rather it keeps them employed full time!

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