Thursday, July 05, 2012

July 5 Leftover Food and Thought

After a lively and most enjoyable July 4 evening shared with friends and family, what another treat this evening to sit back with a cool breeze off the patio and delicious leftovers from yesterday's feast...... small piece of chicken, green bean salad, fresh raspberries and a dab of vanilla ice cream - yep - yum!  How blessed we are to count our blessings in this land of the free and home of the brave!  Would that ALL of us in America could, can and will share the bounty of our times.

July 4 - though certainly not a religious holiday does seem a logical time for prayer for our politicians - global, national, and local - a prayer that we the voters and those elected would and will use the good sense that we have been given to care for all people, for all lands and all peoples.  The founding fathers only interested in their own special needs and without real looooooong distance forethought set about a Declaration of Independence that would be beneficial to at least the first citizens of the "new" republic.......I'm not so sure they were at all concerned about those who fell outside of the white, anglo-saxon, protestant description but they did outdo themselves in a document that still stands today as one worthy of reading.

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