Saturday, January 19, 2008

I have been reminded lately, by several blogging colleagues, of the manner in which collage may be used to awaken hidden thoughts, lost memories, future creativity.

Collage technique is not totally unknown to me for in the recesses of a filled closed, I actually have a small piece that I created in 1972 - about the year some of you might have been born! I remember I had a great time producing this little piece and was so “pleased with myself☺” that I had it framed……as I said, it now adorns the back of closet. But perhaps that particular closed closet door is beginning to open……


  1. you've been holding out on us!!! i need to look inside your closet :-)

  2. Well, there should be a sign that says "Enter at your own Risk!!!"

    This collage is mostly yellow although it continued to show up pretty washed out in my attempts to photo it.