Thursday, February 07, 2008

Best Sinner or Worst Sinner - You Choose

Country Parson wrote a very interesting comment on Shrove Tuesday - a little religion - a little politics.

Reading the post, the logical and religious side of DW Mind Sieve certainly feels hopeful about the country and their individual and collective sins. The illogical and somewhat ridiculous side of DWMS, asks if we are to elect a human being, man or woman, would we wish that person to be the "best sinner" or the "worst sinner" in executing the position of President of the US?

As our language limitations and inabilities to express what is true would suggest that the "best sinner" would be someone who could sin the best and the "worst sinner" would be someone who had little capability to should we vote for the "best sinner" or the "worst sinner?" They're human - you know they'll sin - which would you, first judge - a sin in itself - and then choose as the next leader of our nation?

You know....the top banana? I told you the Mind Sieve was loose!

photo by Sunrise Sister

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  1. not stepping on this slippery banana peel. nope. not me.