Sunday, February 17, 2008


Singly flies free or walks ‘side the road
This creature independent carries no load
Soaring, diving, lighting on trees
Even a landing sometimes on the sea

Is single bird lonely
Remembering the nest
Does he have a cool spot that he finds the best

Is the rookery his peace, his peace for the night
Does he speak with his friends of faraway flight
Does he screech, chirp, and crow before he finds sleep
Or stake his branch quickly with nary a peep

When the sun brings him warmth
Does he then flee with joy
Does he fear old age or remain a mere boy

When death catches him flying and soaring above
Does he fall to the earth without any love
For dying is part of the bird’s flying free
He worries not, frets not of what he’s to be

And then when a bird falls in death from the sky
Does he fall up or down or to heaven he fly
For do we see dead birds around us in heaps
Or do we think nothing of the bird’s final sleep

I doubt that he falls unnoticed, oh my
I thank God the bird flying found my lone eye

Road kill or owl bait
Their fate is quite sad
Hunt or be hunted, it's nothing but bad

Born to be free - free what to be
Molested, infested - seems awful to me

Domesticity would bring a different reward
Cooed to, groomed oft, totally adored

Free to roam or be catered to -
Now what would they choose
Seems life as a house cat would bring nothing to lose

But free now they roam
And roam it will be
'cause ferrel cats have always
been born to be free

photo Sunrise Sister - side panel of pulpit - Holy Innocent's Church, Lahaina, HI


  1. Some people are going to complain that your poems rely too much on rhyme and meter, but, in my opinion, one cannot become a good poet until one learns to master both. Anyone can dash off a bit of free verse doggerel and call it a poem. It is not unlike the artist who must first master the classic disciplines of drawing, figures and color before she can become gifted in abstract paining. Keep going. I love your work.

  2. Thank you CP. I appreciate your thoughtful remarks.

  3. love CP's comments.

    i see an animal rescue career in the making from these verses :-) you have a tender heart it appears!

  4. Oh, I am a mush for these creatures. But, no more kitty cats for our house. Doggies, I could have 3 or 4 and be happy - my beloved would not, however, be so happy:)