Friday, February 15, 2008

So Full, So Full

So Full, So Full

So full, so full is my mind this morn
Of thoughts and rhymes yet to be born

Very much into my Lenten reading - "The Dimensions of Poetry" - need to share some of the phrases I’ve come upon this a.m. that just are smack dab in the middle of my life and right on about poetry..... following are quotes from the book I’ve taken on this Lent.

“…..Cautiousness is the rule, therefore, in making generalizations about poetry…” p. 98

“The dramatic setting for the poem might be supplied by collaborating talents of reader and poet, who for the moment join imaginations and produce an unwritten play as backdrop for the few lines actually spoken.” p. 100

“When we cease engaging in argument and begin participating in the drama, we have taken the first full step, and perhaps the most important, in the judgment of poetry – to be read as drama inviting our involvement.” p. 102

In “Jabberwocky” from Lewis Carroll’s – “Through the Looking Glass”, Alice says of the poem – “Somehow it seems to fill my head with ideas – only I don’t know what they are!” p.105

Oh my, this book is taking me into poetry and into everyday life – the copious writings that could come from just a word or phrase from the quotes!

cautiousness in judgment
collaboration of poet and reader
cease engaging in argument and participation
and “Alice’s” profound remark from page 105

This poetry stuff, I’ll get it yet – thanks to all of you poets out there who double-dared and encouraged me to take up this subject.

photo by Sunrise Sister


  1. your beginning verse reminds me of something from "alice in wonderland". i have run across a couple of great quotes recently from "through the looking glass" and wonder if it should be added to my reading list.

    so glad to see you absorbed in this wonderful lenten practice!!!

  2. p.s. great photo!!!

  3. Yes, I might enjoy reading that again as with Disney version buried in my brain somewhere, I not only hear the language in my mind but see the images as well!

    The photo was in the first rainy days we were here, just prior to a whale watch adventure. That is the sun - a looks a little like a moon shot....