Friday, April 11, 2008

Peace - what is it we expect?

Yesterday, as I opened my email account, I saw a news story headlined - thought I had captured the picture also - alas, only the story and the brief headline below.

US News - A Tibetan supporter, right, argues with a Chinese supporter at a rally for China's Olympic torch at the Ferry Plaza in San Francisco, Wednesday, April 9, 2008.

To describe the photo - there was the Tibetan supporter looking about linebacker size, white male, screaming (mouth open, face reddened) in the face of a diminutive Chinese supporter who was gazing back at him with a somewhat surprised but resolute look on her face.

All I could think was - it this what peace and freedom are all about? We're free to intimidate anyone we please because it's our freedom to do that? We want peace even if we have to knock over (maybe even kill) those who are less powerful then we?

Ooooh, I tremble and did tremble a few weeks ago when an angry "friend" spit words into my face about an art show entitled "The Pacifist Potential" - the words were - "should we be nice to these people? You expect peace to come by being nice?"

I don't know, I don't have an answer - how do you expect peace to come?

Collage - Sunrise Sister


  1. it may be semantics, but i prefer "kind" to "nice", but yea...i think maybe peace does start with your neighbor as yourself? hmmmm...

    also, i really want to get close to that collage! it looks really great from here :-)

  2. Let's get practical here. Those who threaten my peace are my enemies, and if I can get rid of them, I'll have peace. There are two ways to do that: conversion and extermination. Try one first, but do it forcefully, and if that doesn't work try the second. If neither works, build a wall or perhaps a long barbed wire fence. These are tried and true methods used by many persons in leadership over many thousands of years. Some of them are still in leadership positions but I've been warned about taking cheap shots by naming names.

  3. Lucy - yep kind is a great word and the loving your neighbor.....just keeps coming up doesn't it? Glad you liked the collage - long distance, anyway:)

    CP - I certainly hope the warning you were given about cheap shots was delivered to you in a "kind" manner:)
    Always love to see your thoughts show up at my site!