Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cafe Writing Exercise - gulp!

Don't take it too seriously, this little challenge from Cafe Writing. I chose Option 6 requiring a timed writing on the narrow subject of men and women. Daunting? Perhaps! Here's what burst out of my mind onto the keyboard during my seven minute effort....

Men and women, do we ever tire of hearing our own thoughts and comparing them to others’ thoughts? The women feeling quite sure they will never live up to their sisters’ lives, or work, or ambitions - the men perhaps feeling the same towards their respective brothers’ lives. When, in fact, the examples that, not necessarily blood relative sisters and brothers, strangers give us are oft enough courage to launch journeys, professions, loves, dangers, safety that we would never have thought possible having not seen the example of their respective lives from afar.

Why is it that both men and women will often take the word of a total stranger to be truth beyond that truth that their closest friends and relatives speak to them of unceasingly? Why is the stranger’s opinion needed to validate men and women’s talents - daytime pursuits, parenthood, friendship and artistic works – be it two dimensional, multi-dimensional, musical, theatrical, literary?

Are all men and women born insecure and grow into the security that will define them…….end of seven minutes.

I know - I should keep my day job! Thanks for visiting:)


  1. Er, you don't HAVE a day job... Remember retiring?
    What an interesting exercise. I might give it a go later.
    By the way, I don't know if Riley has yet seen the photograph for today's Poetry Party at Abbey of the Arts, but I hope it inspires him to write another poem.

  2. Oh yeah, I forget sometimes:)

    There are a few challenges at Cafe Writing that I think you would enjoy.

    Just checked out The Abbey and Riley's pondering as I chat with you:)


  3. I suppose a total stranger's opinion could seem to be more objective. It is a little insulting though, isn't it?

    Nice exercise.

  4. hmmmm...what does this say about your sister?

    i took the challenge over at lucy creates. fun stuff.


  5. Interesting.. A stranger's opinion has got nothing to do with you or your art or family or whatever it may be, its just the reflections of his state of mind on the faced of your art. Nice post, for 7 minutes, its good.

  6. Well Misanthrope!!! I would suspect that in many cases your comment would be exactly right. Thanks for stopping by and for making it.