Friday, June 27, 2008

Disparate choices -

Taking a seat in one of "the" special reading rooms of the house, my eyes glanced to the basket of available printed materials from which I might select a short "read." Two sources with clearly visible topics were in sight and with my mind on automatic (the mode with which we most often spend our time) it instantaneously switched to process mode. Faster than I can type these words, my built-in processor flipped through questions - what/why I should/would, should not/would not select one over the other..... would my pick be made based upon curiosity, habit, compassion, intellectual challenge, spiritual awakening, thirst for knowledge, the familiar, the unfamiliar?

So what were my choices? - Henri J.M. Nouwen - Bread for the Journey - or The Week's review of reviews: Books with the feature Muqtada Al-Sadr, the Shia Revival, and the Struggle for Iraq. Disparate to say the least - tomorrow I'll reveal a few gems (you know they will be if you read them here) about my selection pros and cons:)

Stay exciting:(

Photos - SS and her IPhone


  1. Just out of curiosity I took a quick inventory of my reading room and discovered the current issue of Christian Century, the Anchor Bible Dictionary volume H-J, and Zanders' book The Art of Possibility.

  2. OK, I'll expose the list of titles from my nightstand. Perhaps this is a clue why I don't participate well in intellectual exchanges.

    The Daily Bible
    Kitchen Table Wisdom
    Total Control High Performance Street Riding Techniques
    Sport Riding Techniques
    Smooth Riding the Pridmore Way
    Trackday Directory
    The Milepost Alaska Travel Planner
    Building Furniture

    I've actually read through most of those. I've read some of them more than once.

  3. Oh, I recall a bedside reading list I had of -

    All magazines that contained black garage doors and black trims on houses

    Westies and their behaviors

    How Walking can take off the pounds - or something like that

    Annie Dillard, Kathleen Norris, Episcopal Prayer Book, Prayer Book of New Zealand, Jane Austen-Anything JA, I could go on - but I think what interests us surprisingly often interests others (whackos sometimes:) as well.