Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fear is a darkroom

"Fear is a darkroom where "negatives" are developed."

Having heard this memorable defining of fear at a Summer Solstice event, I've rolled it over in my mind for a couple of weeks now and come up with some self-guidelines to counteract the fear, the darkroom:

1. Don't spend too much time in there
2. Don't expect great results in the darkroom, especially if wearing a blindfold
3. Don't expect to find friends and family in there, they didn't want you to go there in the first place
4. Keep that door locked, if you must - peek in occasionally but then slam it shut
5. Remember how pleasant it can be outside of that room
6. While not dwelling on the fear aspect, there are so many other possibilities to entertain, to create, to accomplish
7. Fear - don't go there!

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  1. i have read this several times and think i know what you are getting at...maybe...

    i think #'s 4 & 7 are where i get hung up. can we really will ourselves to "not go there"? i think it's important that it is a loving & positive choice to "slam the door shut"; if not it just feels like more fear...and if we spend our lives being afraid of fear, does fear win?

    but if we choose to "remember" as #'s 5 & 6 suggest, the possibilities are endless.

    and bottom line, i think sometimes i just like to hang out with fear for awhile. it can be a great motivator :-)

    o.k. those are my little ramblings of the day. obviously a thought provoking post! thx. xoxooxoxox

  2. #4 & #7 - well, I think it's in our power, at times - certainly not all the time - to recognize our fears that are totally irrational; i.e. a gifted poet, painter, or writer who has been affirmed repeatedly by her peers (and family - but that never counts does it?) who allows themselves to enter the room when they know darned well they should stay out of there!! In this case, peering in is allowed, even entering can accomplish an adrenalin rush, but getting out of there fast and resting in the arms of reassurance is important for one's self-esteem....I think:)) And 5 & 6 - I'm trying to go for it these days.....how 'bout you?

    Thanks so much for your reply. Provoking a reply always feels good doesn't it? Sort of keeps one from being fearful that all that is written from one's pen is not junk! Whoops - there's that fear thing again....


  3. well said. so glad you are "going for it!" yep, me too, i think :-)

    my post today was a "going for it" for me!


  4. one more thing. you may have already seen this, but i popped over to christine kane's site today and found this:

    "Forgive yourself your fears

    We all have them. We’ve all gone through them. Be kind to yourself about your fears. Then, take action anyway."

    i think that about sums it up :-)


  5. I did visit Christine Kane's site last night. She often has posts to which I can relate well.