Wednesday, July 02, 2008

So who keeps the doors closed.....

Over at Abbey of the Arts, there's a great invitation to the 21st Poetry Week at the Abbey...reflections, poetry, what ever the posted photo inspires in you....following is a copy of the entry I posted for Poetry Week.

“So, did you enter?” he said.
“The closed door meant no one else could enter,” she said.
“Was there a sign or something saying no one else could enter?” he said.
“No, there was no sign,” she said.
“Oh, well. Well, you said that you wanted to enter,” he said.
Again, she replied, “Yes, I WANTED to, but the door was closed.”
“When you knocked, no one came?” he said.
“Oh, I didn’t knock,” she said.
“That’s too bad. The door was locked then?” he said.
“Oh, I didn’t have a key, why would I have a key? …..if that’s what you mean,” she said.
“So the door was locked,” he said.
“Oh, I don’t know, I didn’t try to open it,” she said.
“I don’t understand, you thought the door would be open to all who just dropped by?”, he said.
“Well….,” she said.
“And you didn’t knock, and you didn’t try the knob, and you really wanted to enter?” he said.
“Yes…., that’s right,” she said.
“Oh,” he said.

photo - Christine Valters Painter


  1. Wow, this is great - really draws you in to find out the end. It's like a story in a poem.

    I also wanted to say sorry for not commenting much recently - life has been hectic. But I've been reading and enjoying your posts.

  2. oooohh...i love this. they are so mysterious & so not...i wonder who they are...i wonder what's behind the door...i wonder how he can just say "oh" and not want to pummel her...i wonder if i know them...i wonder...

  3. Tess, nice to see you - I've been a delinquent responder as well. I'm always pleased when you're "back" because your posts are well written and thought provoking.

    Lucy, oh, I wonder who they are too:)
    Our closest loved ones and allies sometimes just can't get us to do things we won't do ourselves. That conversation was so real for me and yet, I don't think I've actually heard it in those words. Glad you liked it.....I'm seeing a lot of mirror-imaging in the mate category these days - thanks for the facilitator tip/observation. Observing one's behavior in the "other" is amusing, annoying, telling.


  4. glad to see you posted this at your blog too, as I emailed to you, I love this conversation you have created and it definitely gets me wondering! :-)