Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stop and smell the roses with the MindSieve

Walking Riley around the block on a day that was heading toward 100 degrees and following days of 105 and 107 degrees, I
spotted the petunia blooming away from a seemingly uncracked piece of pavement. Surprised by its presence, I smiled and walked past, but then, not quite like stopping to "smell the roses" I turned, pulled out my IPhone and saved the image to share with you.

I have a tough time getting petunias to grow where I want them even in my flowerbeds but I suspect any student of plants and germination would confidently explain with no hesitation that a breeze or water trickle had transported the seed from a nearby flowerbed (not in sight), the seed settled comfortably in the crack (unlikely), found soil (improbable), sent down roots (impossible), took in a little water (when?), and presto - a blooming petunia! It's all so logical, right? Seeing this pretty little flower sprouting from hot, dark pavement - I think not! So, instead of "stopping to smell the roses" today or tomorrow, take time to walk and spot the petunia in a crack, smile and say - well, how did she know I'd find this?

Photo - SS, hot pavement Walla Walla, WA


  1. Anonymous7:47 AM

    passing a parking lot recently, all the cracks along the fences were alive with Queen Anne's lace! Happening upon your blog today — also delightful! ~ kigen

  2. We all know that these little seeds have quite a spirit - in fact the post of the petunia was to be all about spirit but I just couldn't wrap my words and thoughts around it......Queen Anne's lace, petunias - there is magic in those surprise shows they put on for us! Thanks for the comment.