Thursday, December 18, 2008

Watching and Waiting

On fluffy snow covered branch
silhouetted against the grey sky
the falcon waits, waits, and watches
Watching for what - a mouse, a squirrel.....

Under a snow covered overpass
a stranger sits shivering in the cold
he too, waiting, waiting, watching
Waiting for what - a tossed coin or cold brown bag.....

The Creator watches - watches
both the small bird and the vagrant
unseen, unrecognized, he watches and waits
Waits for what - strangers, Samaritans, disciples......


  1. beautiful! poignant, descriptive, thought-provoking.

    another snow day here. today we actually have snow!

  2. Thank you. We actually spotted the lovely falcon in our back yard - it has been screeching overhead for the last couple of days - not a word since the heavy snow began to fall. I do wonder where these beautiful little creatures hunker down.....the same as I wonder where our vagrants find a place to keep warm. It can make your heart hurt to think about them both!

  3. Nice. And a good reminder that we need to be watching more closely.

    We have a lot of quail roosting in a pine in the front yard. We've seen them often at the feeder but never would have known that's where they hide if Lola hadn't flushed them. Now that's her main desire in life. Bad Lola.

  4. Wren, I'm so happy to see your name come up! Miss your comments AND YOUR POSTS!