Sunday, February 01, 2009

You, your soul and you

Slowly reading, mouthing the words, breathing the scriptural text one a.m. this week, I stumbled on these descriptive words in a footnote relating to Galatians 2:20 -

Paul's union with Christ did not destroy his own personality, but sustained and molded his (Christian)* life

I think I've probably spent a lot of time in my life thinking about personality - of self, and of others', what it/they should be, what it/they aren't, how to change it/theirs, and how one can't change it or theirs'. There's little to certify how my personality has been shaped, will continue to change, hopefully mature, and age.....but for me there's some comfort in knowing that if God chose "Mr. Bad Guy" himself, Paul, with the strengths and weaknesses of his personality, then sustained and molded Paul's life into that of a Christian, then there is hope for me and my personality to sign up as well without changing my personality into something I would find objectionable.

God's union with Paul did not change Paul's stubbornness, nor his self-confidence and boldness, nor probably his moods in the a.m. but it did mold his life and the lives he influenced into closer relationship with God. With Paul's life's words and actions revered for centuries, it is a comfort to me to know that no, I don't have to a become namby-pamby, meek and mild mouse, nor raging, bible-thumping evangelist to live out my faith in Christ. I just need to be - to trust, to accept, to unite, to build my own life and personality confident that my creation is a gift from the Creator.

And your personality - do you choose to allow it to happen, to take it for granted, to use it as you well please? Has a union with God, Allah, Creator, Mother God led you, your soul and your personality in places you did not expect it to go or are the questions I ask of you tedious, pointless, and unnecessary - depending upon your answer - well good for you:)!


  1. oh, i laughed out loud on this one. you have described one of the greatest fears that i lived with for years...being that if i REALLY & completely turned myself over to God that i would become a "namby-pamby, meek and mild mouse, or a raging, bible-thumping evangelist to live out my faith in Christ."

    what a relief to finally know AND believe that we are each uniquely created images of God and that we serve the world best when we call on that perfect person inside of us. that is our greatest gift to both give and receive.

    how in the world did these two amazing women get so brain-washed to believe we had to be namby-pamby to be "good"? what's up with that!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Lucy - good question re the namby-pamby - probably could be a whole other post:) Glad to hear from you today.