Thursday, March 05, 2009

Paradise - where is it?

The Hawaiian fantasy, respite, vacation, event - whatever I would like to call it is coming to an end in just a few more days.....I know, I know - in "just a few more days" is more than some people are ever even to imagine. I need to assure you that this time away has not been taken lightly, as an entitlement, as a reward. I have given thanks each day for the beauty of the land, for the freedom that is found in traveling to others' homes, to other states and to share what beauty some may even take for granted, while, by the way always remembering the wonderful home I have waiting for me at the end of this holiday.

I have been blessed with a wonderful mortal partner in this month's journey and I believe even a host of angels from above, below, around, beside me. Loving me, encouraging me to read, to rest, to exercise, to stretch, to write, to create, to share the creative gifts with which I have been endowed. I say this all confidently but I promise humbly as finding one's creative place on this planet has been a surprise and joy to me - truly a gift from my Creator.

If you follow my words on this blog, you will not be surprised with the quote that Mr. Merton has given me in the past few days and here it is ..............

“Here is an unspeakable secret: paradise is all around us and we do not understand.” *

During this solemn season of Lent, may I remember to honor and treasure this gift of life and whether I am on the soil and sands of Maui and Honolulu, HI, or on the soft and soon to be green grass and soil of Walla Walla, WA, may I treasure Mr. Merton's quote about paradise!

Where's your paradise? In your heart, in your home, in a faraway place? Maybe you know where it is, maybe you're still may be closer than you think.

From A Book of Hours, Thomas Merton, Editor Kathleen Deignan, Page 46

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