Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Souls - who has one?

With apologies to Riley and Andy, I encountered a cute little doggie this week on Maui who seemed, in these photos, to be contemplating his shadow......his soul? "Hey who are you, and why do you keep following me?"

"Hey, hey, stop movin' - I'm talkin' to you!"

Sweet animals we tame and call pets - they bring us joy, teach us patience, bring us tears and laughter, and give us unsurpassed love; lastly they wait and wait and wait until we decide we want them to pay attention to us! Now, don't you think a being of that nature has a soul? Or, o.k. it's a leap in Lent...........that pets in "their waiting for us" are a lot like God by our sides?

Think about it!


  1. Cute pup! I am in no doubt that our pets have some kind of soul. I was thinking the other day that if God sees every sparrow that falls, then the relationship that we have with our pets in some way reflects that same sort of relationship--the God and animal one.

    The new earth will surely be filled with all those lovely creatures that lived too short of lives on this broken planet.

  2. i never get tired of remembering that dog is god spelled backwards. coincidence? i don't think so.

    i actually got back out of my car this morning to greet the wonderful soul whose image i caught in my side view mirror. this one was dressed in the coat of an 8 year old golden retriever :-)

    btw--i can only imagine the stories that riley is storing up for your return! x0x0x0