Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's that stewardship thing again

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In the 4th Thursday of Advent, one of the readings is I Samuel 1:24-28, describing Hannah's rejoicing in the birth of her child and of his weaning; whereupon she took him to the temple along with sacrifices and offerings - giving thanks for the blessing of his birth and her vow to dedicate his life and service to the Lord.

Ever thankful for what the Lord had bestowed upon her, she was bound to give back in kind. It's that stewardship thing again. I guess in Advents past I have never noticed the strong stewardship theme. I expect it's been there all along but that window or eye has been open for me this season.

How about you this Advent season or if you don't celebrate Advent, how about just this season of the year in relation to the holiday that you and your family or just you may be honoring? Any new insites? Would love to hear them but also I realize the time is packed with so many chores, and fun, and events that I may not receive any answers or even any readers - matters not - have a wonderful holiday season and know that in God's time you have read this before the holiday even began...........ponder that.
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  1. It's a bit like suddenly noticing a new type of car and then you see them everywhere.
    Stewardship - when you're ready for it and it's ready for you, the two of you will meet, as you have beautifully done in these posts.
    Happy Christmas!