Monday, January 04, 2010

SAVOR - Word of the year


My word for 2010

So instead of resolutions for the last couple of years, I've been going with the trend of choosing a word on which to concentrate. Being reminded of the new year over at Abbey of the Arts, my mind has been tossing about maybe half dozen words that I really wanted for myself. The words were not cooperating in that they just didn't seem to want me. Then without any provocation, while we were driving to church yesterday, the word savor just popped into my head.

Granted I had been thinking about the past year and how many new and interesting experiences with which I had been blessed, as well as how fast the year seemed to have flown by......and there it was - the word - SAVOR. I'll endeavor to remember this active verb and apply it to as many experiences as I can muster this year. It may not be your word but my wish is that you will savor the challenges, joys, and even learn from the disappointments and failures of the coming year. Now try and savor this for the day, o.k?


  1. My word is "reach".

    I notice that your Reading List includes O'Donohue and both of L.L.'s books. You will indeed SAVOR all of those.

  2. Great word! Mine is turning out to be Love, but part of me is rebelling against it. I want a cool word like "savor"! Love is cliche, too simple, etc... is what my monkey mind says.

    But I know it's exactly what I need it to be. Still, my monkey mind now wants to do a lot of research into different kinds of love, cultural perceptions of love, etc. It never ends. Sigh.

  3. SS - fabulous word! & i love the red jewels punctuating this post. one truly cannot do enough savoring - methinks. xoxoxo

    maureen - "reach" reminds me what i have been pondering the last few days. the arm gesture for really letting go is basically the same as a wide open stance for letting in (receiving). both remind me of "reaching".

    polli - love is most definitely a complicated word (i.e. anything but simple)... kind of like water which i am attempting to savor :-)

    (geez - you would think this was my post the way i'm offering comments all around...) xoxoox

  4. Your word, SS, reminded me of the psalm verse about tasting and seeing that the Lord is good. I heard you could outline the Gospels by recounting all the times Jesus was found eating. That's a juicy word, savor! Enjoy!

  5. Maureen - Wow, you are pretty good at "reach" already. Your posts make us readers stretch, so I'll look forward to what this brings to your readers:)

    Pollinatrix - Love is certainly a wonderful word and if your "monkey mind" as you describe it, sticks on that one, I know you'll do well by it.

    And Lucy - you ol' moderator you - I thought these were wonderful comments too:))) I never mind commenters jumping into the conversation - always makes for more fun and exchange of ideas.

    Barbara - the reminder about the psalm with "tasting and seeing that the Lord is good" is a powerful endorsement in regard to the word savor....thanks!

    xoxoxto all of you

  6. I like your word very much and it suits you greatly. Of course being a Brit I have to spell is savour!

  7. savor is one of my favorite words (and things to do)! :-)