Wednesday, March 09, 2011

We begin again.........

Mixed Media Acrylic Collage 18" x 36"

"Always we begin again"
- St. Benedict -

In art, in life, in Lent, it is as St. Benedict says - "Always we begin again."  I suspect he might have referred to my practice of living in God's world attempting to be decent to others, trying to leave an honest legacy of some kind, planning (again) to live a holy Lent, trying to remember the force, power and love of God are within me, and yet falling short even in these first few hours of Ash Wednesday!  

Perhaps the idea that my morning is spinning out of control; first with the rain (I've decided not to walk in it - even though training for race days that hold no promise of sunny weather are something I need to consider), even though my quick photography of completed artwork finds my photos lacking clarity (how can I ever put together a decent portfolio if I can't handle the camera settings?!), even though my short and simple task of posting this a.m. has turned a bit sour as the "preview" link does not want to cooperate with me, even though my creative time is fleeting and still I insist on trying more photos, writing more words............what trivial complaints I have and then I remember the words of St. Benedict from this a.m.'s first reading (I did do that right:)  in the Abbey of the Arts Lenten Journey"Always we begin again." I give hearty thanks that the phrase has come to my mind.  Now I'm off to practice it!


  1. I love that phrase of St. Benedict, and actually have it copied into the front of my last journal. It speaks to me strongly this morning, as I have been feeling sadness around a relationship that has been feeling "cemented" into a certain way of being. I am now reminded once again that new beginnings are always possible.

    Your collage is wonderful!

  2. Dear Polli,

    St. Benedict's words really spoke to me this week in the field of new artwork beginning, in my spiritual life, in my friendships. Wouldn't St. B be surprised to know that 21st century women are relating to and talking about his words!

    Thanks for the comment:)