Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Teeth and Tootsies, Extravagant?

Mixed Media Collage - 11" x 13"

This a.m. I had an appointment with an excellent dentist who repaired a couple of chipped teeth and generally, once more,  put my mouth in tip top smiling condition.  After an hour in the dentist chair and the goofy feeling of numb lips and cheek, I drove off for another appointment where I plopped onto another chair - a massage type - and placed my feet into a warm bubbly bath to begin an hour of pampered pedicure.  

Now before you just assume that I am a totally spoiled brat, I need to tell you that I do NOT take the aforementioned appointments for granted.  I consider both of them - the dentist and the pedicurist -to be luxuries, all the while, giving thanks for the multitude of material and spiritual blessings in my life.  Nor do I believe that I'm probably much different than many of you readers in that my life is one of extravagance.  Now before you started debating your own simple state of being, think about it - what would many citizens of the world think of your lifestyle that includes your computer, your IPad, your Blackberry, your car, your bike, your expensive handbag, your shoes, your full refrigerator, your gym membership, your last plane trip, your next plane trip, the last time you were on a beach or shushing down a mountainside on your strong legs and new skis?  You get the picture - extravagance!

So let me just say I'm not advocating a life of cell living and bread and water, yet I've been particularly counting my blessings in light of the recent world events of devastation and destruction caused by mother nature and by mankind and I know many of you have been doing that also......if you haven't taken time to count your blessings nor contributed lately to your favorite charity, please take a minute today and do so.......we have so many blessings for which to be thankful - don't we?


  1. Even something as simple as renting a movie is extravagant, if you think about how much time, money, and energy goes into the making of a film, and how without our privileged access to technology, we wouldn't be able to do that.

    I definitely believe that gratitude rather than guilt is the way to go.

  2. gratitude abounds from this girl!!!! xoxo

  3. Polli and Lucy,

    I suppose I had no doubt that you two and many of my readers are persons of intense gratitude and awareness for the blessings and the shortcomings of this complicated world we live in. Thanks for stopping by here to share your feelings!


  4. Me extravagant, will maybe on occasion we are a bit over the top. However, we did donate to Mercy Corp this week and participate in Earth Hour. Ella + Henry wore red+white to school this week in honor of Japan as well....
    But, good reminder!

  5. Hi Sarah - "Maybe" a BIT over the top?"
    Seriously, I hear more talk these days as I run into younger women that I work with on the YWCA Board that they are trying to include their children on donation making opinions by the family as a whole, not just the parents writing a check. It's a healthy trend to nourish! xo