Saturday, March 12, 2011

My work is fab!

Acrylic Mixed-Media Collage - 12" x 16"

What a post title, what a bore, what a snob and elitist?!  Well, not really.....I don't think.  This week while sitting in on a conference call with my Life Coach and some of her other clients, I reflected upon a happening that took place earlier in the week.  With an amazing blurt out of joy and almost giddiness I allowed as how my rediscovery in the last few years of my own personal mark of creativity has and continues to give me an unbelievable amount of energy and productivity, along with a peacefulness and sense of spirit-filled work.  My ideas flow from one piece into the next, I have no fear of pleasing others, I'm content with my completed and continuing work...........what artist could ask for more?

The day AFTER I shared that giddiness with my friends, I suddenly felt my "lizard brain" - many of you know about that phrase from authors, coaches, lecturers across the land - kick into gear.  The questions and doubts were tumultuous, convincing, ridiculous!  The LB suggested that "my ideas will quit coming, nobody will want to review my work, or even like it, or consider owning it.  I'll look foolish, feel defeated and who do I think I am anyway pretending to do art?"  Oh my, I was devastated!

And, THEN, with a couple of great Life Coaches in my bag of tricks, I gave the "lizard brain" a kick across the room with the following:

*My ideas are fabulous - they will continue to flow - stop fretting
*My creativity is original and innovative - it makes me smile and others too for that matter
*People will like my art and will travel to see it - they do already
*Viewers will click on my site and say wow - they have and they do
*I love my art and that's a significant detail, this creation is from me, for me and it's all gravy if someone else likes it too - delicious gravy
*The joy of creation and the sharing of it is the purpose and product of my work - what could be better

So, how about you?  Do you have a "lizard brain" from time to time?  Please kick it across the room - the "lizard" will instantaneously feel relieved of its mission and with any luck at all will die a quick death in the corner of your studio.  

Say to yourself right now - my work is fab! - and believe it!

*xoxo to a fab photographer who gave me permission to use his graffiti heart shot in this collage
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  1. FAB for sure!!! art - words - coaches - all fabulous!!! now, about that aggression you seem to have for your lizard brain... can we talk? xoxoxo

  2. Lucy - that little lb, if I could isolate it, I well might just crunch it:)


  3. Yes, I'm one of those who know about LB and have done some of my own work trying to keep it corralled and in its box. It's good to think back on the times it's appeared, what the circumstances were, and how far I've come since. It can be a goad, push us to keep working to get better, to be open to possibility, to overcome fear, to accept our worth.