Monday, March 14, 2011

Website or Blogsite?

 Detail of collage entitled - "The Daily News - Vietnam, Continued"

For a while now I've been considering a website as an alternative plan to my current blogsite here at MindSieve.  Over the past week or so and particularly this last weekend, I visited many artists' sites, blogger locations and websites..... delved into an exercise on two fronts - that of SquareSpace and iWeb, iWeb being a product.  After screeching about how dumb I can be sometimes, my spouse suggested that I might "enjoy" a couple of tutorials rather than just playing with the programs.  It's always annoying when he's right about something but I must say he was right about the tutorials.  I learned a lot more in a short time by simply sticking with the instructors.  I learned that both of the aforementioned products are excellent platforms for when I truly am ready for a website, and that's just not right now.

The chief idea for the website was to share my artwork with other artists and viewers of interest.  Right now that artwork is limited in scope.  Once I've increased my inventory of completed artwork - to the dozens and dozens of pieces that I believe a website needs, then I'll reconsider the website adventure.  So for now, I've spruced up my blog's sidebar - hope you'll take a look there - and plan, along with my regular personal blogging posts, to feature a few artist friends in the painting and photography categories from time to time here on MindSieve.  If you'd like to be featured here, I'd love to receive your contact information either in the comment section or directly to my email address  I won't necessarily feature every person that drops me a line but I am always eager to see other artists' work and hope to hear from you soon!

"The Daily News - Vietnam, Continued"
Mixed Media Collage 6" x 18"


  1. I do like the sprucing up.
    For what it's worth, I used Squarespace years ago when I started blogging and had a business blog. They were absolutely excellent in terms of functionality, ease of use and support.
    If you do decide to go with your own domain name (and honestly, why wouldn't you once you've increased your inventory?), you could also consider Wordpress, probably with a premium theme designed for artists. Studiopress ( have some good ones.

  2. fabulous pieces!! xo

  3. Hi Tess,

    Thanks for the Wordpress tip - I've received that suggestion from a few other folks as well. Thank you!