Thursday, March 17, 2011

Will you make a difference today?

"Will You Make a Difference Today?"
Mixed Media Paper Collage
Image 10.5" x 13.5" - w/Frame 16" x 20"

Some of you, like me, may be aware of and "practicing" a discipline during the 40 days of Lent.  Many folks turn their practice into a personal improvement program - which is certainly not a bad thing particularly if you're improving has something to do with your connection with "that" greater than yourself.  Myself, practically perfect already - mmmmm - am thinking in terms of that which I can "take on" rather than give up.  This world is full of tiny places and tiny cracks in its veneer that I as one small creature might be able to store up.  In that vein, I'm thinking this a.m. of what I can do in just an average day of my life during Lent.  How about you?  Any thoughts?  Perhaps --

-A smile to a receptionist/appointment booker whose face that reflects unhappiness?
-An open door for the person moving decidedly slower than you are but who could use some help with the door even if it means you'll be after them in the waiting line?
-While driving - a complete stop before the crosswalk that a mother and stroller have been patiently waiting in to cross the street?
-A donation to Mercy Corps to aid the Japanese in their tremendous burden of loss?
-A donation to Episcopal Relief and Development for their continuing efforts in Haiti? quickly we forget.
-A donation to Art for Life in their fight against cancer?
-A renewed membership in your local YWCA who in my hometown run a domestic violence shelter for women and children, as well as host a nursery school, and after school programs.
-A check to the political candidate of your choice as a sign of support from you for their supporting your rights as a citizen - particularly if you live in a country that does have elected political offices. 
-A heartfelt prayer for those people who don't worry about their blogs, their Facebook or Twitter accounts but worry about where they will sleep tonight or what they will feed their children.
-Read with a kid who could use a little help with their homework or their language skills.

I'm certain there are more things that you and I can do for someone else today to ease their burden, calm their fears, or just plain show them a friendly face - I'm in - how 'bout you?

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  1. i had a very similar luncheon conversation today - specifically around compassion and how we can share it. my gift seems to be helping others have compassion for themselves, so they may in turn share it with the world. i get quite overwhelmed when i think of all that needs to be done in the world, however, i find great peace in knowing i can take my own small steps and together they may add up to something greater. xo

  2. Hi Lucy,

    I so agree that world issues can be mind-numbing but I think we need to work at keeping the perspective that we can make a difference, WHERE and WHEN we can make a difference for the better. I know you believe that too. We would all fall into sorrow and despair if we tried to absorb all the ills of mankind.....but I bet sitting in the middle of the nothing that was once your home in Japan must feel that ALL the ills of mankind have befallen you.