Monday, April 11, 2011

Art, 5K, and Easter Prep Continued

Children play in water fountains, in downtown ...Image via Wikipedia

Having posted on 4/8 about the subjects above and preparing in earnest - "with all of your effort" - while being earnestly focused on one activity at a time, I received a terrific comment from one of my sometime readers - it was as follows:

"Now that I've changed my "wicked ways" of saving energy to "get through" workouts - I've become much more like a kid playing. When children play, they are completely in flow and engaged, no thoughts about saving their energy in case they get too tired. What a ridiculous notion that would be. Makes workouts and life much more fun when you're not "saving it" for later. KB"

The comparison of playing all out like children is such a wonderful image to hold in my mind, I thought maybe you readers would like that image as well.  It's not a new concept, it's just one that we forget too easily!  Thanks KB!

Photo Wikipedia - children playing at memorial fountain in OK City.
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  1. Great comment about kids + play... I'll have to remember that next time I try to eck out another mile...