Friday, April 08, 2011

Art, 5K, and Easter Preparations

"Will You Make a Difference Today?"
11" x 13" - Mixed Media Collage*

Art, physical, and/or spiritual training -  any immediate connection/reactions for you there?  I hadn't thought of any similarities in the subjects until my daughter, the one in triathalon training, sent me an article entitled "The Lazy Triathlete".   The article poses a quite poignant question to those "in training" about whether or not they are willing to put in the extra effort it takes to be a winner or whether they are just "putting in their training time" as a habit. Marathon/physical training of any sort, and/or preparation for one's growth in spirituality - they might all be compared to the long distance preparation I've been doing in order to prepare for a one woman visual arts show scheduled in June.  

I remind myself daily that if there's not consistent work prior to the show it is unlikely that there will be anything for potential buyer/clients to view.   Switching my canvases from work areas atop a table, on to the floor, on to an easel - viewing the work in progress from a different perspective, making adjustments -  the work is getting done and my inventory grows piece by piece. 

The same way I've been training for a potential 5K YMCA fun run in May and a 13K Seattle Rock 'n Roll event in June - the only way to train is to plan and to execute the physical steps of dedicated exercise for weeks prior to the runs.   For example,  this week I added an additional 1K on to my run/jog/walk track and I felt more invigorated and joyous over the feat than I expected.  Feeling tired at the end of the 6K was a minor consideration, the surge of completion and a planned goal executed far outdistanced any feelings of exhaustion that may have been accompanying me home!

And Lent, let me not overlook Lent, and the extraordinary reality that a dedicated Lenten discipline adds to the festival of good news and Resurrection that I celebrate at Easter!  Easter comes with or without my study, reflection, contemplation and preparation but how much more meaningful that day of celebration is if I have prepared for it in advance!

Lastly, the similarities of physical/spiritual/and art execution narrowed for me in the last few days as I placed what I believed was an almost finished piece of art on to an easel for photographing it - oh my, forget it - the painting screamed at me, "I AM NOT DONE".  Now it was in some ways - "done enough" - but I knew that I could not in all good conscience hang it on a gallery wall for display.  Whether I liked it or not, there was more work to be done....and so the extra effort, the extra paint, the extra applications of layers will make the effort, like the additional 1K (each week) and the Lenten study leading to Easter, into  an invigorating and joyous completion!

So I ask you, in your art, in your physical and/or spiritual training, do you/have you gone the extra K, the extra dollop of application, the extra moments of reflection and contemplation?  Or do you just put in your time and go through the motions and think that that's enough? Are you the lazy triathlete?


  1. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Now that I've changed my "wicked ways" of saving energy to "get through" workouts - I've become much more like a kid playing. When children play, they are completely in flow and engaged, no thoughts about saving their energy in case they get too tired. What a ridiculous notion that would be. Makes workouts and life much more fun when you're not "saving it" for later. -KB

  2. Fabulous response!!! Thank u for reading! Btw -where is your blog?

  3. i definitely put in some extra "k's" this week and my buns are feeling it in a really good way. xoxo