Thursday, April 07, 2011

Art and Online Sales

"Love is Not Always Black and White"
12" x 16" Mixed Media Collage

As many of you know, MindSieve is in the process of transforming into MindSieve Studio - where there will be online sales, as well as blogging, and sharing with readers how art affects me and many in our daily lives and relationships.  This transitioning has taken me to a whole new world of online workshops, online experts, online colleagues, the world of Twitter, website building, domain names, etc.  You name it, I've been studying it the last few weeks!  ...........and believe me, I've a way to go before I become an expert!!!

You may remember an earlier post here about artists unselfishly sharing their work and expertise with other artists.  That phenomenon I find so rewarding and uplifting.  In that same vein, online, shall I call them friends, colleagues, experts..........share daily their advice for building websites, for marketing products, for enjoying your art, while being swallowed up (if you allow it) by more advice than you'll probably ever be able to use - but it's there for the choosing.  I've been choosing The Abundant Artist, SquareSpace, Fine Art Tips from Lori McNee, Matt LeBlanc Artist, and a couple of newbies in the last couple of days that came across my screen and attention.

In addition, a couple of sites that seemingly would not be all about art, but that resonate with me in the category of self-esteem and accomplishment in life and in one's artwork, as well as in one's art business.  They are -
1.  "Diamonds in the Soul" and her "Get Your Shine On" launch - a fabulous outline for bringing the best to everything you live into
2.  "Uplevel Your Business" with entrepreneur Christine Kane
3.  An amazing revelation for me from an article about Triathalon training - no I'm not training for a race - at least not a triathalon - but you'll hear more about the article in tomorrow's post.

At any rate, with this exciting door of online sales opening for me, I feel supported, I feel worthy, I feel creative - and much of my energy comes from the support of the persons, sites, and art  produced by the people I mention here today and who I've noted in my header bar in the Artist Category. Thanks for their positive influence in my efforts - and I'll assume those tips and back slaps keep coming!!

*For sale online June 4, 2011

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  1. I use ArtSpan for Transformational Threads. It offers artists a lot for the buck, and sites are easy to build from any of the many templates.

    I'm following a lot of artists on Twitter. FaceBook also attracts many galleries, artists, and museums; I follow a lot of them there.

  2. You are certainly inspired. All the very best in what you are doing.