Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Celebrate - Live It!*

In a phone conversation with a kindred spirit this past week, we were both weighing in on the good, the very good, and some of the bad, not a place we choose to dwell in, the bad that is from time to time in our faces, and asked ourselves where would we both be if we hadn't risked, stretched, studied, examined, tried, failed, tried, succeeded, etc. etc.?......and again, risked, stretched, over and over and over.

Well, I for one, and I think she also would say, might be in a heck of a depressed and complicated life.  I've learned and when I don't remember, try to remind myself that I am not responsible for everyone else's happiness.  I am responsible for my own life and happiness.  I can't make life easy for someone else nor can I predict, outline, insist upon the way or style in which another person lives, breathes and has their being.    I can only affect my own being, my own actions, my own happiness.

That being said, I can be momentarily – maybe a loooooong momentarily – distracted, derailed, disappointed, sad, depressed, angry, just down right miserable about another's actions AND I know I can not stay there in those down places.  It won't help the other and, shoot, the other probably won't even know or suspect that they've affected me with their actions! 

All of this is to say, what works for me and for my spirited kin is that risking, stretching, trying, examining sometimes seems counter productive yet most of the time brings us out to that beautiful rainbow's end with the pot of gold – our lives –  just waiting to be lived!  

Celebrate - Live It! – Words I'm living by and into this year – this is #3 of the Celebrate – Live It! theme*

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