Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Whole Sermons....notes or none -

Church of the Holy Innocents, Lahaina
I'm married to an Episcopal priest - one who gives sermons from notes and can seldom recite verbatim all the words said in a sermon, a eulogy, a lecture..... that's a good thing a lot of the time but often I wish he had the words written down for me to chew over, discuss, debate, etc. 

While on Maui, we worship at our favorite Episcopal church, The Church of the Holy Innocents in Lahaina and the priest, Father Bill Albinger, does write out his sermons, refer to his notes, publish the text later.  Although I recognize Bill must be a gifted speaker without notes, he used to address juries, I think, the text of his sermons to be reflected upon later after a service is always welcomed by me.  Below were the closing words of his text last Sunday..........

"Perhaps this Lent we might give more thought to what we fear and what we wish for and then ask if these leave enough room for God to enter our lives. Are we as individuals, as a church, as a nation so fearful and angry and so determined to be who we are or think we must be that we cannot see who God is calling us to become? (My underlining:) Perhaps everybody has room for improvement in this area.*

My words now - Who do you think you are and who do you think you must be?  Have you reached GOD'S plan or potential for yourself or are you - oh here it comes - to blind to see the forest for the trees?!'s Lent going for you?

*Sermon, Father William J. Albinger Sunday March 4, 2012 Lent 2B 2012 (Sermon delivered from notes – this is a recreation)


  1. Good question - how easy to use the stuff we are fear to protect us from the risk of knowing we are loved.

    1. Dear Word - thank you for the comment - fear seems to be a close to the surface topic for me during Lent - I absolutely love what you have to say at your site re fear, sinking or swimming etc. A very powerful post and connection to the fears we face, how they affect our lives daily and for a long time - sometimes negative reinforcement and others such a powerful learning experience. I'll have more to say about this subject in the remainder of lent. Thanks again for your nice comment here! xo