Monday, May 12, 2008

Contemplation, the Real and the Ridiculous

Contemplation - one of my favorite pastimes. To consider or ponder thoughtfully - The American Heritage Dictionary

While reading Winter Grace/Spirituality and Aging by Kathleen Fischer, I came upon the following "real" thoughts about contemplation.

1. A receptive mode of awareness, the ability to really attend to life and take in its gifts Would that I could pull up this awareness more often and revel in the amazing gifts present every day in my life!

2. Contemplation can fill an empty silence with the reality of God's presence The same is true of God's presence. I pray often that in my empty silence I would be aware of God's constant presence in my life. A prayer that I find worth repeating often!

So, those are the real and now for a bit of ridiculous - take a minute, o.k just a minute and contemplate "something".....I don't know, maybe your navel - (Is that useless phase stored away in only my mind or in others who have studied contemplation?)

Anyway, while contemplating said navel - think on this - there's a California fad in cosmetic surgery now to have one's navel surgically removed - yuk!...I told you, contemplation is weird sometimes. (In light of #2 above, I hope this last bit of info doesn't seem totally sacrilegious - not meant to be.) But remember you heard it first here at Mind Sieve - the navel thing, I mean.....

Mind Sieve seems to be at work today.....anything your own "sieve" is contemplating or working on today?

Photo - Sunrise Sister - Bellville, TX B&B, Somewhere in Time


  1. Anonymous11:07 AM

    What a great photo through the screen door! I'm anxious to see other pictures you took while here.

    I enjoyed your post today, too. It provides a lot to ponder.


  2. Having your navel removed? Why on earth? People are so strange.
    I quite like the fact that you put that bit in about navels. It's precisely those sort of irrelevant thoughts that insert themselves into one's contemplation and have to be brushed gently away, so appropriate here.
    I like "the reality of God's presence". Those times it is real are such gift.

  3. MS - I think the photo link for the balance of Bellville went out to you this a.m. Glad you liked the little screen door shot. I quite liked the view "outside" - seem more spacious:)

    Tess - The navel thing....last night some teenager wannabe was introducing a show and I said out loud - is that her belly showing??? where's her navel? That's when I heard the news from my spouse re the California fad! Awful - sort of denying one was really born or sumpin'

  4. The navel thing is just creepy. Yep, I heard it here first!